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majesticzaichik's Journal

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12 September 1985
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Hello I'm Liza(pronouced "Leeza" btw, not "Laiza"- I hate my name pronounced that way, hence me switching to Lisa for most things). I tried writing a really long autobiography, but then I got lazy into page 10 and stopped >_>. The story of my life. Anyway, I was born in Russia, spent some time living in Colorado, and lived in the Bay Area since I was 10. I lived in Japan for a year and half. Currently I live in the DC area. If you have questions about teaching English in Japan, don't be shy, I'll answer them all : ).

I graduated with a Master's in Library and Information Science with an Archives Specialization in May 2011. At the moment I'm a Processing Archivist.

My biggest hobbies include: nintendo, being competitive, badminton, seeing new places, petting/taking care of animals, reading, and learning new things. I'm usually a very happy/funny girl but often I can be too direct and too blunt. I am also very quirky and you either like me very much, or I'm too strange for your tastes. Either is fine, I have never been one to care about others perceptions of me : ). This gives people the impression that I have huge self-confidence. I don't necessarily think so. I'm kind of anti-social in that I don't like socializing with big groups. I also love American TV and I'm kind of into BBC programs as well. Shows I really like to watch include: House, Grey's Anatomy, TLC Documentaries, DHC Documentaries, Jon and Kate Plus 8, American Idol, Top Model, Project Runway, Hells Kitchen. I like medical shows a lot... both dramas and reality medical shows.

I am a gamer and I used to be an otaku, but I'm not really anymore. I watch very little anime these days, but I do occasionally watch some. I am a *huge* Ghibli nut. I really love Studio Ghibli movies and have seen almost all of them. My favorite one is Princess Mononoke. In terms of games, I *generally* play only nintendo. I do like some fighting games, though, and there really aren't many good fighting games on nintendo. I like Street Fighter and King of Fighters. I also like strategy games and board/card games.

If you add me as a friend, expect me to comment on your entries because I like to and I think that's the role LJ friends should have : D. I usually try not to come off as too opinionated, but it's hard for me because by nature I'm a very opinionated person!

To People adding me

I would really prefer a message if you add me as a friend. Just post a comment saying you're adding me and I'll definitely add you back. If you don't let me know before hand, there is a possibility I might not add you because I'm not sure what we have in common, or more importantly- I don't know if you post regularly in your lj and want to have mutual engagement. I'm not the kind of person to add a bunch of people just because... If I add someone on my friends list, I like to get to know them, which involves reading each others entries and commenting.

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