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that one quiz everyone's been taking.

🐦 Pets right now:

Hissy and Vector the cats. See previous entry

⚕️ Surgeries:

Oral surgery three times.

✒ Tattoos:

👂🏼 Piercings:
just earlobes for my 10th birthday. I never take out my earrings.

✋🏼 Quit a job:

I've been laid off/fired more times than I have quit. I don't always make for the best worker. I don't like being told what to do. I've gotten a little better in recent years. I will still hate middle management for the rest of my life. They exist only for misery. All the times I have quit were due to career growth, moving on to a better job.

🌴 Been to an Island:

Many times. Too many times to keep track of which ones. My favorite island is either Japan... well one of those islands, probably Honshu, or Angel Island in San Francisco Bay.

🚘 What do you drive:

I don't know how to answer this right now. As of a couple weeks ago, Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007. Right now , nothing, we walk everywhere because it is wrecked. In a week my new car will be a Toyota Avalon 2009.

✈️ Flown on a plane:

Maybe about 50 flights throughout the course of my life? Maybe more, but probably less than a hundred

🍹 Favorite Drink:

Coffee with cream, no sugar. I drink one or two cups every morning. Actually, nix that. I have a favorite boba place in California I will be stopping by at. It is in a grocery store and has many flavors of natural tea (not the powdered crap) you can order. You can also customize your drink. I get mine low sugar with pearls.

❤ Fallen in love:

💔 Been cheated on:

No, Justin would never do that. He would rather end the marriage first.

🚑 Rode in ambulance:


🎤 Sang karaoke:

Yes, mostly in Japan. it's fun.

❄ Ice skating:

So many times. I do it every time we go into town. I love ice skating.

🏄 Been surfing:

No. Does boogie boarding count?

🚢 Been on a Cruise:

Twice. Once on the Mediterranean when I was 12 years old, another time in 2014 around Spain and the Spanish isles.

🏍 Rode on a motorcycle:

yes, my friends dad has one and I went on a couple rides with him.

🏍 Own a motorcycle:


🐴 Rode on a horse:

Friend has a horse I rode once. Also rode once when I was a little kid. I did not enjoy it and don't know if I'll try it again some day. I liked it more when I rode a donkey (a very large one).

😲 Almost died:


🏥 Stayed in a hospital:

🍑 Favorite fruit:


🌓 Favorite Day:


🌈 Favorite color:


📲 Last phone call:

A call dealing with the insurance and car. Lady called to set up a time to do an inspection of my vehicle

📱 Last text:

Justin about the topic of the phone call

💀 Watch someone pass:

No, but watched our family's dog Mr. Burns pass when he was put down last December.

🍵️ Coffee or Tea:

both. Coffee a little better because I drink it every single morning, tea is optional.

🍽🍰 Favorite pie:

Oh I don't know... changes every so often. Right now I would probably say French Silk.

🍕 Favorite pizza:

Hawaiian. Yes, I aim for the controversy.

🐶 Cats or dogs:

Dogs in general, cats as pets because they are much more low-maintenance.

🌞 Favorite Season:


🎃 Favorite holiday:

Halloween by far. i don't celebrate most holidays.


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Nov. 15th, 2018 04:52 am (UTC)
Halloween's my favorite holiday too :)
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