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Middle of the night ramblings

First have to preface this by apologizing for the grammar, im on the cellphone and there isnt an autocorrect function while on LJ.

I dont seem to learn my lesson doing these cellphone entries. Several times something or other has deletes long entries which take a lot of time.

Things at work have been pretty good overall. Last major altercation with Supervisor was in early March. Things between us have been peaceful since then, bit it's always the calm before the storm. Something always inevitably comes up and I do have anxiety anticipating what it could be.

Something which could happen fairly soonish is something Ive been trying to decide is worth my effort or not. I've basically decided on the topic of my thesis. It is going to focus on two sisters living in a very small border town near here. Their entire family is incredibly fascinating, and for a while I was hoping to focus on their grandfather who was a fairly prolific writer. He had a major problem with the army presence in "his" town back during the Mexican Revolution days. He expressed his contempt by publishing a bunch of "circulars" in the local paper and then when the army was able to put a stop to that, financed his own printing so he could disseminate them further.

His grand daughters were not as contentious and prolific, but they were very active in the community and very active as landowners and managers of the town's general store, post office, and probably other things I haven't discovered yet. So I would like to being some light on their roles as women landowners and some of the border issues and other issues they dealt with as land owners. Border issues include their activity with water management/water rights which is a very interesting topic. Other land issues Ive seen include grazing and lease rights and some problems they've encountered there.

So for a time I was hoping to focus on them as well as two other notable local ranch women/landowners, but ultimately I decided to have the other two be a part of the background info. People have already written about them and one is a local celebrity.

The celebrity is where the potential issues with supervisor will come up. We do not have the manuscript papers of Celebrity-Woman. They lie with her store/museum out further in the boonies. I contacted the store owner and asked if I could check out the papers to work on my thesis and he didnt seem too pleased with the idea, especially since he quickly ascertained Im with the Archives. Turns out he's been trying to donate the papers for years and Supervisor keeps saying she will pick them up, but never does. This has been going on for three years. While talking to me, he threatened to donate them to some museum or other I have never heard of. So he's not happy with her and the worst case scenario is that the Archives doesnt get this collection which IMO should be fairly significant.

I am considering arranging a pickup with him privately. The issue will be if the collection is large. If it is, it usually means there is a large amount of junk we dont want, but historically Supervisor has taken anyway indiscriminately and therefore packed the Archives to its brim. There hasnt been space on the shelves for years and right now more and more stuff goes in piles on the floor. This includes the bane of my existence, the piles and piles of duplicates Supervisor had amassed over the years. I am not exaggerating when I call her a hoarder. She has a fairly bad case of it, and what's unfortunate about this case of hoarding is how badly it affects the workplace, which is pretty much an extension of her hoard at home. Normally hoarders only hoard over their own living spaces.

So not sure what Im gunna do. If the collection is small enough and can fit in my car, maybe the best thing to do is to arrange a pickup myself. I think doing this will absolutely infuriate her, though, and will definitely cause strife. If the collection is large, that is hard too because we literally have nowhere to put it.

In other news, writing my final term paper for my program has probably brought on another manic phase and Im not happy about that. Not like I am ever happy about manic phases to begin with. It was a more stressful experience than usual because I felt inundated with information. I spent a really long time writing it and it stressed me out a lot. My paper ended up being 25 pages, comparing Athenian and Spartan women.

In other school news, apparently I am the first person in 22 years to do the thesis track for my program. I view it as a challenge accepted. Im a Gryffindor after all, arrogant and ballsy. Telling me "no" is just about the worst thing you can do. I really dont like taking no as an answer. Despite my main professor's attempts to discourage all his students from pursuing a thesis, he at least did understand it was important for me for him to be a part of my committee. He's probably annoyed I didnt listen to him. The head of my committee is opposite of him, she is pretty new to the school, is early in her career, and highly encourages students to pursue the thesis track. So I hope Im the first of many.

Im going home to Norcal tomorrow for a week. I got to squeeze in this vacation because the library will be shut down for two days due to electrical maintenance and they gave us the days as holiday leave. So I had just enough time to take the week off. Right now, it isnt likely I'll be going home for winter break (though I probably will get to go with the parents on a trip to Wyoming), so its nice I get to go home now.

Justin is snoring away and I cant sleep. At home, we have our separate bedrooms. When we share a hotel, Im *generally* ok if he falls asleep after me, but it's not the case tonight as he's exhausted himself from sleeping very badly last night. He burnt his hand while cooking yesterday evening and was in too much pain/adrenaline to sleep.

Well the hotel room started leaking... almost 4 in the morning now. Better alert the staff and probably find a new room. Hopefully I'll have lots more time to update while back at home.


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May. 13th, 2018 01:45 am (UTC)
If my Justin falls asleep after me, I can sleep pretty well, but if he goes to bed before me for some reason, his snoring, sounds, and thrashing prevent from from falling asleep as well
May. 15th, 2018 09:05 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I prefer to avoid situations like that at home, which is why I've always been happy to have separate bedrooms. Also that way, he can keep his room as dirty and cluttered as he likes it : ). I've been described as "Spartan" before lol.
May. 13th, 2018 01:48 pm (UTC)
I thought the gag with sucessful archiving was being able to pick the peanuts from the metaphorical turd? Otherwise you end up with everything, and people in the future doing research will spend an age sorting the wheat from the chaff?

Not that identifying items as being in one camp or the other is the easiest thing, and there will almost certainly be some items which could be of great significance that got deep sixed, but some winnowing is required....

Disclaimer: I am not an archivist. I do work with some though.
May. 15th, 2018 09:04 pm (UTC)
There are a few thing you can do to separate the wheat from the chaff in archives. I think it's actually less of a problem to separate the wheat from the chaff than it is a burden on space. In my current collection I'm working on, I've separated the enormous piles of receipts from the valuable part of the collection. This is not so hard, what is hard is dealing with the 50 boxes of receipts that was left after sorting through it all. Many Archives have space limitations with no easy way to rectify the problem. The ideal thing to do would be to negotiate with the donor as to which part of the collection the Archives would want (ie. NOT the 50 boxes of receipts), but I have never been that high up the totem pole to actually deal with donor relations. To me there is a fine balance between negotiating what you don't want, and the donor potentially becoming upset that the Archives doesn't want the 50 boxes of receipts and then pulling the whole deal. I guess my supervisor has dealt with it by just taking everything and piling the Archives with complete and utter junk. Throwing out the crap at a later time is what I would do, but this may be a risky option too. Whenever Supervisor retires, it will be a big and deeply satisfying job to throw out a good chunk of the crap she's amassed over the years, but I really, really doubt I will be the one doing it.Throwing out duplicates is also one thing, throwing out the receipts is another, that one may be more problematic. When the library did a major culling project 2 years ago, Supervisor just about had an aneurysm and as a result ended up "saving" a bunch of the junk up here.
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