Yelizaveta (majesticzaichik) wrote,

Part 8

In other news, I'm in Florida now and we went to the Harry Potter theme park the other day. It was fun : ). I think we may go for ice cream today. There are nooo good movies out and Justin's working for the rest of the week : (.

701. What is your favorite mixed drink?

Cranberry vodka

702. When answering these questions are you often pulled in different directions, as if committing to one answer eliminates the possibility for all others?

Not really

703. Chicken Mesala, Pasta Primavera, Veal Cutlet Parmesan or Linguini with Clam Sauce?

Chicken Mesala

704. If you were alone in your friend's house/room/apartment would you look in their drawers and notebooks?


705. What would you really like to do but you don't because you are afraid of getting caught?

Have sex in public.

706. Of the following, which word best describes you:






707. Which band would you most likely check out?

The Smiths (indi-pop 80's-90's)

The Lords of Acid (acid/house/dance 90's)- how about this one.

Front 242 (80's-90's industrial/dance)

708. How can one put an end to procrastination, as a bad habit?

I don't know. I don't necessarily think procrastination is that bad of a habit. Shit gets done afterall, doesn't really matter the time frame.

709. What feature would you want on your car that is not currently offered?


710. What kind of poetry speaks to you?

I hate poetry.

711. What is your favorite store that is open 24 hours?


712. Do you find that sleep is just so much sleepier when you are supposed to be doing something else?


713. Do you also find that the books you chose are so much more luscious when you have a stack of actual assignments that you Should be reading?


714. If you have had the chance to compare the original 5000 Question Survey to this edited version, what is your opinion?

I didn't

715. What's the most creative answer you can think of for 'what is black and white and red all over'?

Michael Jackson with a giant sunburn.

716. Why do people slow down on the highway when they pass a cop car pulling someone else over?

Cops always stress drivers out.

717. Are they afraid that the cop will STOP pulling over whoever he is pulling over and pull them over instead?

Probably even though it's dumb

718. It's daddy's birthday. What do you get him?

a history book

719. What's your 5,000 question survey nickname?

don't have one.

Look at the word next to the 2nd letter of your first name

A anything but

B bubalicious

C captivating

D deadly

E erotic

F funky

G greasy

H heaps of

I indie

J jelly

K kinetic

L lasher

M Mr. (or Mrs.)

N neglected

O ogre-like

P parading

Q quacking

R Rico

S stinky

T the one and only

U uber

V Velcro

W wishing for

X x-tra

Y yearning for

Z zoobalee

Now take the first letter of your last name.

A aardvarks

B baboo

C creme pie

D drag queen

E eggbert

F flex

G god

H hell

I Isabelle

J juice

K kisses

L lightning

M mannish boys

N nice

O octopi

P porcupines

Q q-bert

R rainbows

S suave

T tushy

U underwear

V valor

W weenie

X xtc

Y yohimbe

Z zipper

Put the two words together for your nickname.

Indie Lightning for nickname or Erotic Yohimbe

720. You know that shaky feeling that you get when it's all coming to a climax, and everyone involved is breaking into the good kind of cold sweat, working as individuals and at the same time as a single force of energy, and it all meshes together, and for a brief moment, you're holding your breath and tingling all over, and after it's done you're on an explosive and dizzying high for the rest of the night?

What does that feeling come from?

Uh no?

721. How many of your teachers can you imagine drinking or doing drugs on the weekends?

lol all of them.

722. Do you like Alice in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass?

yeah both of them.

723. Write a question and answer it here.

WHat is your favorite animal?

Killer Whale

724. Who is your favorite playwright?

725. What movie has come out recently that you couldn’t have less interest in?

God all of them suck right now.

726. What would the worst movie ever be about?

Santa Claus vs the Martians. Oh wait, that was already made.

727. Do you like truffles?


Do you like Turkish delight?


728. Can you tell the difference between a transvestite and a real woman?


729. What's funnier, plants or fire extinguishers?

How are plants funny?

730. For question 720 did you write down sex?

No, though it really reminded me of that.

You pervert, I was thinking of musical theater.

731. Which is better, leopard print or plaid?

Plaid is really in these days. I went to universal the other day and just about everyone was wearing plaid shorts.

732. What would you consider ordinary?


733. What is out of the ordinary?

Orange banana

734. Do you ever watch COPS?


735. Is there always room for j - e - l - l - o?

No, it's kinda gross

736. If you had your own TV show, what kind of show would you make it?


737. Do you know how heavy things like airplanes stay in the air?

Uh... dad probably does. I should ask him.
738. When do you act the most dramatic?

Smash things

739. Are you one of those people who have, "see photo id,” written on the back of their credit cards?


740. It's mom’s birthday. What do you get her?


741. What celebrity has pretty much disappeared leaving you wondering 'where are they now'?

I would have said Joaquin Phoenix but we all know where that went.

742. Would you get angry if you and your girl/boyfriend saw the preview for a movie and talked about seeing it together and then they saw it with one of their friends while you were busy?

Yeah D:

743. How many people do you think will finish this whooooooole survey?

like no one.

744. Have you ever written a message, sealed it in a bottle and thrown it into a river/lake ocean?


745. If you haven't would you want to?

Yeah kinda do

746. If you ever did what would you write?

I dunno. "hello world"

747. What do you wish you could always be protected from?


748. What small thing annoys you so much it should be a crime?

Probably cutting people off when exiting trains or elevators

749. Would you rather watch a video of fish in a tank, or the Yule log on TV?

What's the Yule Log?

750. Is it better to be loved or feared?


751. What causes you to panic?

bad grades

752. Do you believe that you have a strong personality?


753. When Jesus saves souls...does he trade them in for valuable prizes?

lol sure

754. What resolutions would you make if it were new years?

I suck at resolutions so I don't make them

755. Why wait?

756. Do you feel like time is on your side or working against you?


757. What do you do for yourself when you are down to put a little joy back into your life?

play some games, eat some chocolate

758. How much Tolkien have you read?

Just the LOTR series and I hated it.

759. These are the songs on the radio. Which are you most likely to listen to:

Time Bomb by Rancid

Dead Man's party by Oingo Boingo

The Sun Always Shines on TV by A-ha this 50="50" ways="Ways" to="to" leave="leave" your="Your" lover="Lover" by="by" paul="Paul" simon="Simon" run="Run" by="by" collective="collective" soul="Soul" do="Do" you="you" believe="believe" that="that" jesus="Jesus" existed="existed" as="as" a="a" real="real" no="No" do="Do" you="you" believe="believe" he="he" was="was" the="the" son="son" of="of" no="No" how="How" do="Do" you="you" feel="feel" about="about" organized="organized" it="It" blows="blows" what="What" sentence="sentence" have="have" you="you" heard="heard" that="that" would="would" sound="sound" pretty="pretty" odd="odd" out="out" of="of" angry="angry" beard="beard" man="man" if="If" you="you" had="had" to="to" choose="choose" image="image" to="to" be="be" a="a" symbol="symbol" of="of" our="our" what="What" would="would" you="you" peace="PEACE" siiign="SIIIGN" name="Name" a="a" group="group" of="of" people:="people:" ethiopians="Ethiopians" how="How" many="many" of="of" them="them" does="does" it="It" take="take" to="to" screw="screw" in="in" a="a" light="light" 2="2" do="Do" you="you" like="like" the="the" movie="movie" the="the" labyrinth="Labyrinth" with="with" david="David" bowie="Bowie" and="and" some="some" hell="Hell" yeah="yeah" do="Do" you="you" like="like" the="the" movie="movie" the="the" dark="Dark" yeah="yeah" metallica="Metallica" or="or" guns="Guns" guns="Guns" roses="Roses" do="Do" you="you" follow="follow" the="the" chinese="Chinese" a="a" little="little" do="Do" you="you" like="like" reggae="reggae" what="What" makes="makes" your="Your" life="life" worth="worth" it="It" every="every" chocolate="Chocolate" do="Do" you="you" seize="seize" each="each" day="day" and="and" sink="sink" your="Your" teeth="teeth" into="into" no="No" heard="heard" people="people" say="say" that="that" jim="Jim" morrison="Morrison" never="never" yawned="yawned" because="because" he="he" was="was" just="just" so="so" full="full" of="of" how="How" often="often" do="Do" you="you" few="Few" times="times" a="a" day="day" who="Who" decides="decides" what="What" behavior="behavior" is="is" or="or" you="you" who="Who" are="are" the="the" most="most" inspiring="inspiring" and="and" shakespeare="Shakespeare" did="Did" anything="anything" historically="historically" significant="significant" happen="happen" in="in" the="the" year="year" you="you" were="were" besides="Besides" blowing="blowing" out="out" birthday="birthday" candles="candles" when="when" do="Do" you="you" make="make" meteor="meteor" are="are" you="you" yeah="yeah" is="is" it="It" better="better" to="to" be="be" wanted="wanted" or="or" needed="Needed" what="What" do="Do" you="you" feel="feel" is="is" an="an" appropriate="appropriate" age="age" to="to" lose="lose" virginity="virginity" 18="18" do="Do" you="you" feel="feel" that="that" the="the" appropriate="appropriate" age="age" for="for" girls="girls" and="and" for="for" boys="boys" is="is" no="No" are="are" you="you" a="a" hard="hard" person="person" to="to" get="get" to="to" not="Not" really="really" what="What" is="is" the="the" craziest="craziest" thing="thing" you="you" have="have" ever="ever" done="done" out="out" of="of" just="just" smashed="smashed" the="the" most="most" annoying="annoying" sound="sound" you="you" can="can" think="think" that="that" justin="Justin" makes="makes" to="to" try="try" to="to" piss="piss" me="me" off="off" the="the" silliest="silliest" vegetable="vegetable" you="you" can="can" think="think" eggplant="Eggplant" do="Do" you="you" believe="believe" in="in" love="love" at="at" first="first" kinda="KInda" name="Name" thing="thing" you="you" have="have" referred="referred" to="to" in="in" the="the" past="past" as="as" than="than" chocolate="Chocolate" what="What" do="Do" you="you" see="see" when="when" you="you" turn="turn" out="out" the="the" the="the" ceiling="ceiling" do="Do" you="you" like="like" blues="blues" swing="swing" kinda="KInda" do="Do" you="you" prefer="prefer" gold="gold" or="or" silver="silver" gold="gold" in="in" what="What" ways="Ways" do="Do" you="you" want="want" your="Your" children="children" to="to" be="be" like="like" want="want" them="them" to="to" be="be" brave="brave" and="and" try="try" new="new" things="things" in="in" what="What" ways="Ways" would="would" you="you" want="want" your="Your" children="children" to="to" be="be" different="different" from="from" be="be" less="less" adhd="ADHD" what="What" was="was" the="the" scariest="scariest" movie="movie" ever="ever" i="I" hate="hate" scary="scary" movies="movies" what="What" was="was" the="the" funniest="funniest" movie="movie" ever="ever" the="the" big="Big" lebowski="Lebowski" what="What" was="was" the="the" worst="worst" movie="movie" ever="ever" manos="Manos" hands="Hands" of="of" fate="Fate" are="are" you="you" a="a" good="good" i="I" hope="hope" so="so" what="What" is="is" question="question" that="that" no="No" can="can" ever="ever" truthfully="truthfully" answer="answer" can="can" we="we" abolish="abolish" is="is" there="there" more="more" to="to" this="this" world="world" than="than" human="human" beings="beings" can="can" yeah="yeah" if="If" matter="matter" is="is" neither="neither" created="created" nor="nor" destroyed="destroyed" then="then" is="is" it="It" possible="possible" that="that" you="you" are="are" made="made" up="up" of="of" molecules="molecules" that="that" made="made" up="up" ghandi="Ghandi" or="or" jesus="Jesus" or="or" that="that" would="would" be="be" cool="cool" are="are" you="you" often="often" not="Not" so="so" i="I"

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