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May 7th, 2019

name change

I've decided to change my lj name after 18 years. I had to pay 15 dollars for it so I hope I don't regret it because the last time I paid for anything on lj was a paid account at least 10 years ago (Justin gifted that to me for that about 5 years in a row for Valentine's Day until I told him I didn't want a paid account anymore).

I wanted to keep "majestic" in there because honestly sometimes when friends make name changes, if I don't interact with them a whole lot, I have a hard time keeping track of who is who so I didn't want that to happen to the friends who don't interact with me much.

"majesticarky" stood for "Majestic Arcanine"("majesticarcanine" was too many characters on lj) which was my first internet name. Arcanine has always been my favorite pokemon, and for some reason, I thought that the first generation pokedex entry called it a "majestic" pokemon. Actually the adjective used to describe Arcanine in that generation's pokedex was "legendary" but the damage had already been done with my yahoo e-mail being called "the_magestic_arcanine"(and yes, I didn't know how to spell the word at the time (~1999) and never changed it).

In subsequent years, I've usually tried to use "Zaichik" as a screen name for a few things. "Zaichik" is my very favorite word in Russian. Not only does it start with the BEST letter in the (English) alphabet, but it means "bunny". Ok, technically it means "little hare"("hare" itself is "zayats" but you almost never hear this word), but it's a diminutive word that is basically translated to "bunny".

I think y'all should actually share what your username means because I'm willing to bet most of your friends have no idea what it means and some, like me, are probably curious : ).

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