February 11th, 2011

ayla cheer

LJ Idol Topic 13: Inside Baseball

Yeah I'm not writing about "Inside Baseball" this week. I don't like the topic and I take it upon myself to read all you guys' horribly off topic entries (some of you anyway) so because I'm annoyed there was no free topic this far into the game, I think I'll just write whatever I want to and see if I make it to next week. It will be most amusing if I do, but help me accomplish my goal because this season, it's to week 15.

I think I'll just write some bitchy thing about the competition because I'm lazy and don't really feel like thinking of something any more interesting to write about.

First of all, I'm really pleased with the tribe system this season. It was a very easy solution to what I sometimes perceive as unfairness considering the people with the biggest friends lists (tribe 4) obviously always get the most votes.

That's not to say that the suck-tribe, tribe 1, doesn't deserve to be on the bottom rung of this hierarchy. Other than maybe some of the people who keep coming in from Second Chance Idol, some weeks I really vote for maybe 3 people from tribe 1. That doesn't really come from having small to non-existent friends lists, it comes from either sucking in general, or hardly spending any effort in writing.

Let's go to the last point for a minute. I'm sorry but in my very humble(HAH) opinion, if you don't spend at *least* half an hour trying to write an entry for us Idol readers to read, you aren't putting enough effort into your entries. There are a few of you who are like this, and I don't vote for you 90% of the time. It really irks me that people who genuinely do put effort into their writing are voted out and a one paragraph entry does well.

I think that at least 80% of poetry is a cop-out. And it's not only because I have never liked poetry. I actually have voted for poetry about 3 times this season- all three times when I see that the person has made an effort to not only connect their poem to the topic, but to make it interesting.

I dislike fluffy writing. Maybe that's not the term, but whatever it is that many of you do where there is nothing happening in the context of the entry but a lot of metaphors and description. I've never voted for any entry where it was about some idea or metaphorical gibberish. I never understand it or maybe if I do, I think it sucks and I won't vote for it. I hated the Lord of the Rings saga- the Tolkien, not the movies, and that was a major factor.

Second Chance Idol is pretty cool, I have to say. I think you guys should be paying more attention to it. Again, I'm kind of annoyed that some good writers from it aren't voted through, but they have kind of a small circle of voters to begin with.

I think some of you are horribly over rated, but I'm not going to name any names just because it's mean to single out people and even I'm not that bitchy.

I am more impressed with the quality of fiction this year. Though I will have to admit that the few of you who are/were writing the sagas did lose my interest at some point.

I would say that the last thing that annoys me is that some of you don't write on topic, but hey, look at me this week :).

Feel free to disagree with everything and air your complaints about this entry. In other words, I always am open to any kind of criticism . I have a feeling that at least some of you are going to complain that I'm trying to start drama. I would definitely disagree, but if you feel that way, then that's fine.

If I go out, I go out "blazing" I guess. That would be really funny if this were a gate keeper week. If I don't make it through this week, next week I am going to comment on every single one of your entries. Even if I hate it, which will happen quite a few times. You made it to week 13. Either you are talented(at least somewhat), ambitious(by not flaking out due to "real life") or have a nice friends list. Both are cause for celebration, really.


According to spydielives, this entire entry actually fits the topic well and thinking about it, she's probably right. I guess I just find that amusing where I spent a long while trying to write my first entry only to give up and write this and somehow it ended up being on topic : ).